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Tropical plants with easy care requirements that come in various leaf shapes and patterns, making them popular among plant lovers.


The tropical plant with large, unique leaves featuring natural holes or splits. They’re low-maintenance and popular for decoration in modern interiors








Alocasia is a tropical plant with heart-shaped leaves in unique colors and patterns, They make a striking statement with their appearance.







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Came straight from Thailand

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Plant2gether is a plant shop that has been selling  Variegated plants since 2019. We started as a small plant shop in Thailand, and now, after more than 4 years, we have expanded our business and now based in the THAILAND And USA, and we ship our rare and exotic plants from Texas or Pathumthani.

Plant2gether is more than a mere plant shop. We are a renowned exotic plant grower and distributor, specializing in sourcing unique and rare plant varieties from THAILAND. Our team of experts is committed to the continuous exploration and discovery of new plant species.

At Plant2gether, we take pride in delivering high-quality, rare plants to our customers, serving as a reliable source of botanical beauty for plant lovers.

The goal is to help customers acquire their Dream plants at reasonable prices,and we welcome everyone to join us in achieving this goal. 

So, come and join us and Let’s plant together.


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Our collection of rare and variegated plants includes some of the most sought-after and unique plants available. From the iconic Monstera and Philodendron  to the delicate Syngonium and bold Alocasia, we offer a wide range of plants with stunning colors, textures, and patterns. Our collection also includes a variety of rare and hard-to-find variegated plants that are sure to make a statement in any space. Browse our collection now and discover the beauty of rare and variegated plants!!!


Tropical plants  that come in various leaf shapes and patterns


The tropical plant with large, unique leaves  and popular for decoration 







tropical plant with heart-shaped in unique make a striking with appearance.





Importing Plant

Came straight from THAILAND








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